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Search the card database by any of the following categories. Not all sets and/or promo cards are in the database. If you have a similar database with some of the missing sets in it please email me a copy so I can incorporate it into this one. Currently  99% of the cards in the set are entered.  I eliminated Universe edition cards that were in Series II and New Empires. Eventually I'll go back and add to the card set column to compensate for this. If you would like a copy of this database on CD-Rom please send me $2.00 or a VR Galactic Empires card  not currently in the DB. (So I can add it to the DB),  My email is on the bottom of each page to get my mailing address (currently the Access DB is almost 1MB).

If you would like to trade for cards that I have in the Database please send me an email. I will only trade cards that I have more that the maximum number for deck construction. ie: If I have 3 of a 9 strength card I will trade 1. I will trade for almost all cards that I have a qty of 0 that are the same rarity.


CardSet See the list of set currently indexed above
Rarity C = common, U = uncommon, R = Rare, V=Very Rare, E=Entity
Type A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, L, M, N, O, P, Q, S, T
Strength A number from 1-10
Ability any keyword that is in the card ability.
Reaction Place "Yes" in this field if you would like to see only reaction cards


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