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This document is a compilation of other documents available on the web. It includes Card Errata, Card Questions, and FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Original FAQ from companion games about the Alpha/beta edition.

Annotated Rules

Annotated v 2.0 Rules


 Avery 8167 labels for different Card Set (stick to ultra pro pages)
  Advanced tech       Advanced Technologies Card Set Labels

Comedy Club

      Comedy Club Card Set Labels

Galactic Invaders

      Galactic Invaders Card Set Labels


      Persona Card Set Labels


      Piracy Card Set Labels


      Powers of the Mind Card Set Labels
  Promo       Promo Card Labels

New Empires

      New Empires Card Set Labels

Series II

      Series II Card Set Labels

Time Gates

      Time Gates


      Universe Card Set Labels
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Sound Files


Galactic Empires Primary Tactics Cassette Tape Side #1 - Windows Media File


Galactic Empires Primary Tactics Cassette Tape Side #2 - Windows Media File
Galactic Fire/Intercom Magazine  (thanks to mrmystery for sending several issues)
  GI2.pdf Galactic Intercom #2 - Deck Building, Bio Ed Beard, Allocation play Aid, Playtest cards
  GI3.pdf Galactic Intercom #3 - Bio Susan Van Camp, Primary edition Tournament rules, FAQ Primary edition


Galactic Intercom #4 - Tournament Rules all formats - Crucial Rules Clarifications


Galactic Intercom #5 - original rules for Time Gates and Powers of the Mind
  GF1.pdf Galactic Fire #1 - Tournament Rules, Global Rating Service, Interview Alexander Siddig, Card Lists
  GF2.pdf Galactic Fire #2 - FAQ, Shuttles & Transporters, Deck Stocking Rules
  GF3.pdf Galactic Fire #3 - Judging Guidelines for GE, Indirigan Nomads, Deck stocking rules and new card classes
Copies of  GI #2,GI #3, GI#4, GI#5 ($3.00per ) and all three GF issues ($5.00 per) including shipping.
These are high quality Xerox copies of the original and are staple bound using 11x17 paper to form an 8 1/2" by 11"  magazine style copy.

If any of the original copyright holders of these materials would like them removed from this page please email me at

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