IRC Bio's

Vince Bieksha (NJ)

I never "worked" (read paid for time) for any of the following

I contributed to Battletech as a rules consultant and if you have the
compendium you'll find my name under credits.  Many of the suggestions I made
turned up in max tech but no credit there.

I spent many a weekend upstate New York at Companion Games HQ refining rules
on cards and proposing new cards.  I was a regional rep, ran tournaments every
month locally and designed my own cards (cards un-ltd).

John Bullington ( Upstate NY)

 I just started with GE about a year ago. Have played lots of other CCGS and was a tournament director early on for Mage Knights/HeroClix. I also was under contract to Avalon Hill for a CCG (it got nixed by a trademark lawsuit - was based on Civilization Board game)

Dan Evans

Helped Randy Reed at Avalon Hill and helped on the development of his games: 1776, The Longest Day and his Chancellorsville Re-Write...Began playing rugby at 28 and working as an investigator till retirement.


Craig Gaddis (Houston, TX)

A supporter for Companion Games (also Alderac's L5R) in the early phases of
the company (mostly a glorified demo peon), I was involved with the GE
market in Houston for about 2 years, but due to business concerns (running
one game store and then opening another), had to put aside my Galactic
Empires career.  Then I changed jobs, sold the store, and got into big box
retail.  I had thought that my love affair with CCGs, and wargames in
general, had ended.

Until I began to purchase collections again in 1999.  I currently hold most
of Gerry Smit's Infected Tribe, as well as the balance of the Crafts by
Marion terrain cards, and will happily sell/trade sets to all comers.  I am
also skilled in the lore of promotional cards, the odd effects that rules
offer, and like others on this list, have a vast collection of cards.

I will happily answer any question about GE, and love discussing sick and
demented strategies for making opposing fleets lose all their terrain in
one turn.  As far as other games, I am also a fan of MTG, L5R, Shadowfist,
DBZ, Dune, Settlers of Cataan, and about 250 others.

And, like many of the members of the GE community, am searching for the
elusive R/O4 Strategic Deployment.

Howard Kenward (UK-)

When I was playing in the sanctioned tourneys that  John Garret (Companion's rep in the UK) used to run, I was ranked about 4th or
5th in the UK. My tourneys are always "themed" - I doC4 War Veterans and  Artist signed cards  as prizes.

Aaron Kingery (Upstsate NY) - The other person on the IRC from this area is a tourney director for Star Wars/LOTR.

Andrew Smith

Started working for Companion Games in Oct of '95. Was one of the  Senior Designers from Universe Edition on. Some of my many duties included: 
Art Director, Convention Coordinator, Playtest Leader (all of the playtest groups reported to me), On-line Rules Analyst, etc.

My business card read "Confidential Coordinating First Chief Executive Deputy Assistant to the President"


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